EverYi Capital is a consumer-focused private equity firm based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, established in 2015.

We help the best of premium and niche brands – whether from China or overseas – flourish in the exciting, yet complex China market. Our on-the-ground team is comprised of the former Asian investing team of AEA Investors, a global pioneer in the private equity industry. With over 25 years of investment experience, we have worked together successfully for many years in Asia, and share an ethos of operational and brand value creation, discipline, creativity, and mutual benefits for both brands and investors.

Why EverYi

We are focused on creating value for the entrepreneurs who entrust us with their dreams and the investors who entrust us with their capital. We are analytical and practical, disciplined but creative. We believe that the way we work differentiates us:

As well as international exposure, our on-the-ground team has a total of over 25 years of experience in China’s fast-changing, competitive environment. We’ve assessed more than 1,300 investment opportunities within our focused verticals and beyond – which means we know intimately why one company succeeds while another fails. We’ve also built the local expertise, cultural understanding and network you need to succeed. We know that speed of implementation is of the essence, and will help brands work fast to retool their business model, products, services and operations, to enable a smooth launch in this new market.
Now, more than ever in China, a company’s success hinges on the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumer – not only on its access to distribution channels, as before. Our advisors and network of talent are highly experienced in increasing a company’s brand value, with expertise in premium, luxury, and gourmet sectors. They can help tailor the brand to suit this competitive market.
Though the China market has high growth potential, it takes true operational and marketing expertise to succeed. In addition to providing a financial perspective, we understand operational excellence is equally, if not more important in differentiating a business. Our focus on operational value creation means we do a lot more than add capital to a business. We work with each brand to develop business strategies, and improve processes and systems to drive performance and competitiveness. We also have direct access to local talent and so can quickly build the best operational team.
All entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do. However, enthusiasm alone is not enough to succeed. We take a brand’s passion and translate it into a structured business strategy. We determine how much capital will be needed and how best to spend it for maximum return on investment (ROI). This way, brands can stay focused on what they do best, knowing that we are always focused on the figures.
No two businesses are the same, so we remain open-minded and flexible when it comes to deal structures. This is possible because, as a niche player, we are not bound by the rigid investment criteria of other investment firms. As a result, we can work with brands to tailor deals that fit their objectives – whether a majority stake, minority stake or joint venture.


A structured and rigorous process of select, invest, nurture


Through disciplined research and analysis, we identify consumer brands from China or abroad that have strong growth potential in the China market. Typically, we look for these characteristics in a brand:

Superior offering

A specialty, gourmet, premium, or affordable luxury offering with high growth potential in China.

Solid reputation

A leader in its niche segment, and highly regarded and well-loved in its current markets.

Proven track record

A strong, authentic brand with a sound business model and consistent profitability.

Committed leadership

A management committed to adapting to the China market and hiring the best local management team.


We provide the required capital and structure our investment on a case-by-case basis – either minority stake, majority stake, or joint venture – to help the company get to the next level.


We develop a tailored brand strategy to help each brand with launching, branding, and operational team building. And we work closely with the brand in the long-term, offering unparalleled access to the best talent, strategic insights, local knowledge, and operational know-how. This access includes:

Senior advisors

…on an as-needed basis, to keep overheads low and engagement flexible

Insider views

…on multiple track records of other foreign or local brands in China

Real estate

…including major landlords and developers of real estate, and mall operators

Complementary functions

…in operational execution, capital expenditure, and business development

Local supply chain

…including equipment, facilities, raw materials, ingredients, and logistics

Local talent

…operational and branding, covering food, beverage, personal care, services, and retail sectors
Our strategy is designed to accelerate speed to launch and maximize the chances of success. However, we are also proud that we can realize benefits beyond just financial rewards. For example, we thrive on building strong relationships, creating jobs, and enhancing China’s consumer market – and we enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of pioneering an entrepreneurial vision in the wider world.